Monday, January 4, 2010

Tomorrow got cheapest stock to buy?????

Today equity market did not followed our local analyst prediction. Most of the stocks registered positive and gave a good profit. Volume climbed up higher and touched 1billion. So, maintain such volume will determine the next five days trend. Not need hurry up to chase buy at this level and next days price will give you better chance. Although is expensive but it has confirm will give you more profit than others.

USD weaken brought Japan and others equity market more attractive except HK and China. Fuel and Energy start its rally again on last Friday. Maybe it could help Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia companies earn more on that.

CEO in those companies start sell off stocks in future market will regret in this 3 months. Maybe it is good idea to retain more stocks in hand to wait the rally registered 180 days higher only start sell off or maybe sell more than in hand stocks will be better.

Spot and future market always run at parallel after year 08 crisis. Smart people should take profit at 8% instead of hoping double up of his gain.

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