Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strong or Weak????

Termination the employment by employer usually is sad. Not only lost the job sometime also lose the confident. Positive people may like Sunrise rather than Sunset. Some romantic people claimed sunset is better. What is your choice? Of course, people will classified that you will enjoy some retirement benefit but please do not forget, it is only enough last for few month when compared with your previous earning. Just because they use own scale of valuation to identify someone.

That above cause people always mistake to judge which stock should move up or turn down. They have use own theory to apply it. Ignore power of market and fact of the situation to determine their purchase.

Today market showed weak in the coming days that is mainly due to traded volume reduce substantially. If L & G and Ho Hup continues sell down and you found a stocks with strong volume with strong support. That's maybe a good chance to buy in.

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