Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am free because unemployed. So, everyday I must going out to coffee shop at 2.30pm take a break. Along the row of shop houses, there are variety of business. Most of the businessman are my friends. This day I have been stop them buying any share because of the reason Which I have been wrote at last week at here My opinion .

They are in doubt why I wants to stop them buying at cheap price. They claimed that if there is a technical rebound from US DJ. Definite local market or regional market will follow. In fact, there is a theory but it did not work in equity market. Equity market always run above your thought. So that a lot of people in their life quit buying anymore and hate it forever. Because it does not match some people thinking.

Actually equity market follow people need. But individual always apply own trading theory inside and against most of people thinking. When it has start come down means everybody rush sell it. Why you are wants to against it? So, fundamental investors always claim this is a good opportunity to hold good counter but they are always fail because of fears. Unless yours mind is outstanding than normal. So in this world only have been success. He is Warrent Buffet.

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