Saturday, January 16, 2010


Despite how you are measuring the trend. Normally equity market up or down hardly calculated. Any single factor will affect the next trend. Based on the in hand data or internal information do not help you ahead others investors. Everyone must start on beginning point when you are decide buy in or sell out.

Despite have some people use chart check on it. Maybe plus use intelligent technical chart or analyst to measure. They also do not aware the stocks can limit up or limit down. They only aware over selling or over buying. That is not exactly indicate the real price or rebound level. So, they are trying hard on every level buy in to confirm such chart or technical equipment is correct.

That is not mathematics formula and no need supply 100% correct answer. Maybe you can only named it as people emotional plan. Every move is surprise and make you wondering and surprising.

Do not been involved and influnce by others. So some time need to rest or walk out from that game. You may gain more than others.

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