Monday, January 18, 2010

No Direction

Market player in Malaysia ignore index link counter and continue buying penny stocks. Because regional market reflected last week DJ index down trend and make some minor correction.

Suddenly most of the Ace board stocks at bursa become registered high volume than normal. Seem like a technical rebound from bottom. At current stage hard to define up direction has confirm.

Need 2 days to check the exactly move of it. So, watch carefully before jump in. Assumption should be made by funds managers because they worry US DJ will start fall from 10700 points. But usually they always predict wrong the actual performance of equity market.

I am like a horse staying at home. No food no entertainment and waiting someone buy me and pay me a food. That kind of feeling not comfortable. Lucky this time better than schooling time. Because no need search for school fees. So that if I wants to select buy in today. AsiaEP is my first choice because at least I can use small capital buy in WA or WB. Others, there are expensive unless some indicator shown.

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