Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Opinion

This year I had made some assumption: -

a) Short Future index and predict index go back at 1000 points in Malaysia Equity market.
b) First 3 months oil shut up to 105.
c) Gold price fall down below 1000.
d) DJ index after touch at 10800. At least fall down about 3000 points.
e) Buy Korean Won and Sell Euro.

The above assumption as at today seems like wrong. Maybe my friends laughing on me. Usually every beginning of year. I just remind myself alert on above assumption. Nothing more I do. Just a reference.

Today regional market must have some adjustment because of downward of DJ index. Maybe my alert point on 10800 can not reach. Last few days, DJ index run at UP, Down, Up, Down trend. Everytime down points higher than up points. Is it a signal of heavy adjustment? I have no idea yet. But just keep caution and away from market for while.

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