Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Volume Maintain

Volume maintained with index break new high brings equity market continues positive. It is seems to be can last long and stronger. Investors just remember, forex fund manager restructure the investment in this period. They are forseen USD continue weaken and So that sell off USD and buy in some stocks.

They were forgetten one big issue. The USD anytime can turn to stronger by USA FED change the currency policy. They have been confident on US Government do not give up rescue plan with weaken of economic. So that USA FED will follow print more note to support the policy.

Today, Ho Hup still positive and continues give better gain to investors. It was recall my memory on same rally on Lityan. Non stop rally and hit up more 5000%. Is it Ho Hup will follow the same move of LITYAN.

Basically, My check point on this rally is simply. Wait US DJ hit 10,800 points only decide should long it or sell it. That is easy and simple.

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