Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dataprep & Emico

In year 2009, Every time when Emico started it rally. Dataprep would follow. In this year 2010, The above has changed. Why like that?

Dataprep in year 2009 been warrant holder have been converted it the ordinary shares. The paid out increased. That was reduce the earning per shares and furthermore turnover or number of shares increased substantially. It has make such stock hardly to move it up higher.

Surprising is this round it was made faster gain than Emico. This situation was guided me. Time will make everything change. Previous as guide only. Should not copy it 100% and use it for future trade.

Emico can't lose the supporter. So that it also hit up but profit margin is limited when compared with Dataprep. Stupid analyst in the newspaper today hardly recommended Steel stocks. Because market in the past three months never listen to them. They are desperate and angry.

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