Friday, January 8, 2010

An Appointment

An appointment at next down but finally my friend was sick. I was laid down at there and did nothing. Those restaurant sold to me a expensive food and drinks. Plain water cost RM0.50. That is crazy.

Human like such expensive stuff and shown they are elegant and status. Equity market play a simple way to attract people jump in and hold it. Those funds manipulated the shares price and then join with some writer to beauty it at media. Good brand or famous brand.

Like supermax, sell rubber glove only and media keep on report it H1N1 give that company multi times of money. Maybe they thought rubber glove is printing currency note machine. Every second or every minute could delivered more more money.

That is dirty and manipulated. So, do not trust that. Please do not forget Rubber price shut up and the cost of materials run faster than production. How can the company can make such much money as mentioned as reporter????????

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