Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Staying at home feel bore. Open TV and watch cartoon show with kids. Sometime you have to do somethings with non sense to enjoy. Normally, if you clear in you mind. You are wonder why the animal and human can not die when they hurt or bang down from high level.

Cartoon bring you step into another world. So, if you use such spirit. Equity market can not force you down although the market price continue hit down. Because one day the demand on it will comes.

Just a rest or maybe a long period of time rest of rally. Some stocks need rest to plan next journey. whoever knows the theory of rest will gain more than others. Today, I am not step in purchase any stocks. My plan on buy in few stocks on next day afternoon. Maybe market will offer some best buy stocks for selection.

One day DJ index not reach 10800. I am still positive and confident on speculating. Of course in my mind always warn me, do not holding any stocks more than 9 months to ignore unforseen adjustment happen.

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