Friday, January 22, 2010

I Can Do It

Just a simple sentence in your life. " I can Do it". In equity market, number of people think buy shares is a lucrative activities. So that among of traders claimed that "they can do it". In fact, in the investments theory, we should learn more on " stop buying" instead of continues searching a good counter to buy in.

People thinks to manipulate a trend and hope the market trend follow their "wish". But 100% can make it at all. I am always trusted market always against your minds. If you think it should come down but final result the specific counter non stop break new high. If you think such index should climb up higher eventually it has been reach check point.

Like me, predict DJ should reach 10800 points only is a turning points but yesterday the DJ hit down about 213 points. It was brought fear in Asia Pacific market tread its step and panic a while in the morning session.

So, that is not important about yours thought. When your are feel keep on buying and force yourself taken a rest for while is more important than your prediction.

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