Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japan Yen

Most of the Japan companies main business activities are exporting product. They sell the quality product in the entire world. Every dollar of USD weaken than Japan Yen will hurt profit of them badly.

The new finance minister suggest should have weaken Yen brought Japan equity market index registered higher and continues give positive in the last three days. American think to continue weaken its dollar to reduce the debts. But if any economic zone badly hit or have some adjustment. Investors will prefer hold USD rather than others currencies.

This year I am prefer short sell of index instead of playing individual counter. Because economic should have better incentive to encourage it keep moving. As at today, there is not such signal has delivery into economic.

Government mostly still blur or unclear why last year or 2008 financial crisis so badly. They still searching on it. Actually is simple, Just think about people actually need foods and clothes only. If overstep the demand and need to create more riches man in the world. Definitely the crisis will come again. Why allow a people holding or earn more than his entitlement? That is totally mislead. That is care about specific people pocket only. How about those one without a chance to use it? Why those people just start a new job should paid tax? Identified it or reduce misuse of resources by certain people. Maybe we have a better future.

At last, still dreaming someone bring million of USD to me. At least they know me I am not corn man and maybe can earn better than those anlayst. At least I am sincere and faithfully. Never and ever tell lies. HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAA.

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