Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawker Stall

Today is my third day of unemployed. This type of life style easy to familiar. Just sitting down at Hawker Stall and enjoying read some newspaper. This morning I have been stand in front of screen and tried hard to analyst the trading of equities.Looking for some signal on every share. Just waits for a good chance to step in. But after 1st session was closed. I did nothing.

The volume reduce a lot and found that rubber and oil stocks have good rally. I am believed that is because of Oil price was break 80. Based on normal circumstances, it should be able hit up to 105. So that some speculating on such stocks has been followed and was hit new high.

If you allow me choose a stock. I am unlikely not doubt and select scomi-wa as my first choice. Because it had stood above 30 cents. Previously this price level was a strong resistance on it. But today it had break it and stand above.

Tomorrow we should have a chance to check the next movement of the stocks. Is it turn down or continues move up. If tomorrow and Friday, volume of traded not stand above 1.8billion. That is dangerous and signal of turn down. Please observe carefully the exchange rate of USD currency to ignore your are taking risk in the heavy adjustment.

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