Monday, January 25, 2010


If last Wednesday you have bought in a stock with higher price. What should you do now? Continues buying in or just leave it at there. How????

Actually a lot of investors try to average it and they further tell us, if the said stocks shut up few cents. He/she will sell it and earn little bit. Old stocks just forget about it because it hard to reach that bought in level. Just hope that current stocks can recover little bit for consolidation.

Is it a right decision? In my opinion I do not encourage such way. Because it will cause you hold more shares with High Cost and maybe forever can't sell it. That is stupid way.

I am rather than wait the said shares shut up and chase it. Maybe got a chance to release it with marginal lose on old stocks. I won't sell partial and sell off all in one time.

Shares market hard to predict. So, every step must be careful and fast. Some how my tactic won't work but at least can escape the big adjustment and minimise cost of holding.

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