Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frontkn (0128)

The above stocks cost me a lot of money. Been hold it more than six months. My cost of purchase range from 23.5 and 26.5. It was brought me lost a chance to purchase others stocks during market move from 1150 until today. This company further announced a news said it might have a right issue soon.

The rally of penny stock brought the bad news of its been ignore. So that it has broke the resistance of 26.5 cents and hit as high as 28 after market was traded about one hours. My opinion is if it won't go back to below 27cents. That is a good chance for speculating.

Market did not follow yesterday trend anymore. Those yesterday gave a good profit/gain do not continues its run and reduce volume substantially. But it will not confirm it has adjustment on it. Afternoon session and tomorrow 1st session will tell me more, How does it perform.

Patient a bit and wait for international currency exchange price movement to decide yours next investment or speculation plan will help you gain more.

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