Friday, January 15, 2010

Limit Up

Investors' dreams is buy in a limit up stock. On this week, this scenario was happen on few stocks. Like AEM and IRCB. It was made investor hope that will happening on his holding stock.

Actually, market stocks perform such way is bad. Because it will make some funds bind on it when the price shut up. Finally make you funds forever could not release after a crisis arrive. So, investor should aware risk is increasing higher than normal.

This round Index counter totally ignore by market. People in the market happy on this trend because minumum capital earn more than 2 times of yield. Fundamental is ignoring and continues encourage people target on penny stocks. Hope that tomorrow is my turn.

Investors use a lot of time to guess, Tomorrow who is super star. Why my turn never come? But nobody aware " If tomorrow never comes" will happen anytime.

By the way, please careful when DJ touch 10,800 points. that is my check point on the future trend. Do you have similar feeling as me? Miss a boat will not harm you. Step in the wrong boat will bring you regret forever.

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