Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top of the World

"天下第一" Some friends told me if direct translate to English is "SKY UNDER NUMBER ONE". Every one wants to be number one on his specific skill. So, who is number one in the equity market?

The above not is the good topic to talk at here. Otherwise, it may hurt a lot of people. In my own view, equity market provide me know about meanings of life. Like, if one purchase at down turn market. Actually I have been take away some holdings cost and time from someone. If I purchase on higher price, Actually I gave some money to someone earn extra. That is a lot of meaning of trading if you been adopted it as normal life. Use difference way approach of trading means use difference way to analyst certain issue.

KLSE now like sick and infected by HINI spread by DJ. But our antibody do not stand as others people. So that we are continues adjusted last 2 days althought others market rebounded.

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