Monday, January 11, 2010

Rubber Glove Stocks Company

A lot of investors in doubt Why the rubber glove companies' shares price non stop delivery good rally. Is it the rubber price hit new high? Is it the H1N1 continues spread over and badly control?

The demand over the supply brought the above 2 issues be strong topic. Investors lose his minds to identified the facts. They hoping some stocks repeat the trend as others. Market stocks price holding at that level and ignore the volume reduce on last 2 days.

Despite the reducing of volume by strong dreams. Market do not perform as analyst projected in the newspaper. It has its own way and bring some surprise move on specific stocks. Like IRCB, Latexx and Topglove.

When is the adjustment day on those stocks? Politic arguement on a word by difference religion do not spread over and bring bad effects on that. Why your are stop trading? No money or scare. No confident on demand or over analyst on supply and bumber? That is excuse or hope people lose money and then you can collect some cheap stocks. All in you minds, please keep it as secret.

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