Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Resort World

As I predicted as afternoon before opening of 2nd session at KLSE. Resort World had perform good and hit above 2.31. It was given a good signal and tomorrow the rally will be continue. Based on my own calculation, this shares price will hit 2.60 above.In the other hands, it would given the related call warrant up substantially and unbelievable. So, I am recommend buy Resort- CI and Resort-CJ as more as you can. Until receive down turn signal of mother counter or volume shown wake only stop buying.

The MACD of Resort is 2.26 as at today. But it was closed at high volume plus above MACD. It will support these counter continue perform good and stable.

For KLSE index link counter all perform stable although the bad news from DJ. If KLSE tomorrow hit another 20 points up. It would not surprise me. This is a good opportunity to allow investors well understand every individual counter how far or how high can hit. So keep all the data for future review. Hence, if you are not gain any money from that, don't be disappointed. At least, you are in time study it as well as can capture/learn more about the characters of KLSE counter.

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