Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Careful On Certain Stock

In order to make some money from market at this period, please try not buy in last week hot volume stock, like UEMLand, MRCB, KNM and E&O.

The above said stock could not given you a big profit at this 5 days, because each level they had a lot of seller in the waiting list. Of course, a lot of people will claim that if those stock can't move. Market hard to have a rally. This idea will stop you wisely view the overall performance of market. Please do not forget these day, market always got a stock suddenly given you a surprise. Like Transmile, EPIC and KianJoo. This is a healthy way to accumulated the buying interest on the market.

Always remember if a stock can give you a profit on capital gain, it should be consider a good stock. In market, you are have multi choice instead of use own imagination on specific stock and finally waste you 'Bullet" in the wrong target. Open you eye carefully in order to maximum you profit for this small rally.

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