Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Signal- Ranhill & Gamuda CG

After analyst the closing of KLSE index. Tomorrow KLSE market will perform good because: -

a) Gamuda last 15 minute closed above 1.93.
b) IOICorp last 15 minute closed above 3.66.
c) Resort last 15 minute closed above 2.26.

The above closed price are unusual for current economic status. Especially the external market at western country weak and was traded at 11 years low. Based on this circumatances, buyer usually will hiden below the support level. But in the market today, it was surprised perform better than buyer's expectation.

Due to the above reasons, I am here recommend buy in Ranhill and Gamuda CG. It would give you a surprise performance and also may given you a subtantial profit.

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