Friday, February 13, 2009


My personal prediction on last few days was reflected in the today market. The index shut up unpredictable level and given a holder a good profit.

A lot of people in doubt why market could run such high although the international equity market still weak. Let me analysis some data here for your reference. Hope it would given you some opinion how to manipulate you investment. Of course, if i am predict wrong. Please do not hate me.

I had collect data are: -
a) Some tax incentive on corporation tax will announce by government.
b) Fund managers are playing in the market and there are not syndicate.

Based on the above analysis. Hence, shares price will take longer time to touch another level. Contra player hard to gain money. Example: - UEMLand, E&O, MRCB and Gamuda. There had consolidated more than 10 days only provided a good price on today.

Monday's market will continue run and some others counter will go to top volume page. That is a rally. There is no signal can allow you doing short sell on future index.

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