Thursday, February 26, 2009


Malaysia GDP will announce the last quarter for 2008 GDP result on tomorrow. A lot of economist and local media had use their imagination forecast the result would be negative. The reason of their made such conclusion because of interest rate reduce 0.5% last 2 days ago.

In Malaysia, that would not surprised because population here practically see a ant died in the water will concluded the “Alien” was arrived. This wiser imagination mostly had guidance by our local politician. Like ex – PM created a slogan “Malaysia Boleh” and recently the new slogan “Changing” or “Frog Hoping” by both party.

As well as this culture would not changed, continues of bullshit data published in the media become normal. So, as a Malaysian must well knowing alive together with the bullshit, otherwise you would not happy at all.

If the media and economist had correctly predicted the gloomy data soon will be published out. Why the market sustain at +- 1 points in this morning? It make me in doubt.

Let us identify the inflation rate that is always stood at 5% although you daily cost have been increase more than 15% . So, if GDP drop to negative. Will you feel you daily necessity reduce or increase? The answer is “No”. Because those data only applicable/suitable by specific person. Specific or certain group of people used it for excuse to value a country or nation. After that, they will force you sign some unfair agreement as well as hit down you exchange rate in the money market. Or used it charge you higher interest for the borrowings in the international market.

They can use it as an excuse/reason in several ways to pressing you if you GDP was decreased. Hence, National Bank usually would manipulate the figure and announce it. The fact nobody will aware and everybody still enjoying their life in the beautiful world.

The performance of KLSE in the morning shift telling you a true. So, it wasn’t too bad. Why you are worries buying in? Usually I am worry buy in because of some bad factors join up together, but currently I couldn’t see any bad indicator appear in the market. I had been lost my 2 months salaries, but hope for the small rally helping me gain some money back.

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