Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Terrible Day

Today, early morning it had 2 counter given a good profit. There are Latexx and Landmark. But finally they were affected by regional market performance. Finally Latexx was registered negative and landmark consolidated at 80.5 cents.

As i was mentioned yesterday, this round you are hard to select the right counter. Today it may hit high volume but tomorrow less volume plus lose price. Heavy weighted Index link counter still sustain at certain level. So, index just lose about 10 points. It would not help you make money from short sell future index also, because tomorrow it may change the direction again.

Entire world market follow the early future odd of USA DJ and registered low. I had been lose sime-cg at 2k and still holding Gamuda-CG and Lionind. I am believe it will not provide me any profit on that. Unless there is a surprise!! I hope and I wish. Seems like everybody was predicted correctly because DJ open as low as 200 points. Pray hard at here and hopefully last minutes of DJ trading can recover a litter bit.

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