Monday, February 16, 2009

I found that!!! I realised that !!!!!!!!

I was found that now contra player hard to earn money at KLSE , because most of the counter just run a day than take a long period of rest.

I was realised that a cruelty task to choose a right counter, because it was hidden at low volume with lower price and suddenly shut up at high price with top volume.

This few days although I had obtained some profit but finally in hand stock increased and did not provided me a chance to run, ie sime-cg, gamuda-cg and lioncorp. that is a dangerous signal. Nothing more I can do at this moment. Just wait!!!!!

I have warn myself stop buying any stock until in hand stock have been release it. Usually this is a bad signal for day trader. Because while you found a new stock on tomorrow, you will not dare to buy in. Mainly due to lose confident and worry.

So, as an investors. Please do not use the wrong strategy on every rally. This round basically for holder to make some money. Not suitable for day trade player.

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