Thursday, February 19, 2009


Buy in Gamuda because of: -
a) Major contractor of Government.
b) Most of the local media recommended MRCB, but if MRCB wants to compared with Gamuda, MRCB still needed more valuable things in hand. So, for fundamental reason Gamuda should move ahead than MRCB.
c) After adjustment few days from top price at 2.10. This few days, it would not touch back 1.90 and was given a strong base fo this counter. Another rally is coming soon.

This few days our local media busy on Elizabert's case. They had been made certain conclusion on this issue. Actually they are not aware how many photos has been circular in the market and also not aware the actual content of the said picture. They had based on 2 or 3 picture to confirm the entire issue. I am worry if one day more pictures are circular in the public and content of the picture is out of thier imagination/prediction. Someone will suffer again. Actually public should provide her a space to calm down. Rather than use own imagination to confirm unknow things.

This issue guide us a good lesson. So, as I was always mentioned at here. Please trust yours in hand data before made comment or any decision.

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