Monday, February 9, 2009

Market will hit above 920 points(KLSE)

A confident of up move at KLSE index, based on the followings reason: -

a) Shanghai Market broke 2100
b) US busy on bailout
c) Fund manager re planning the strategy because they predict US dollar weaken.

A lot of people still in doubt market can move further but some heavy weight counter had been broke the 50days MAVP.(Moving average price). It would brought the said counter had 20% profit from the estimated resistance.

Of course, small player may disappointed on this run because it will not given you and me more profit during the contra day. But, it you realise the correct buying time, the profit is huge.

I am still recommend buy in Ramunia-WA, ZELAN and Lionind. I am full confident these stock would help me gain some money.

What is your opinion?

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