Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obsession With Share Market

Sometime I had not aware actually myself been obsession on playing shares.It was made me some day rich some day poor. It was made me some time no money in pocket. So, the consequences is i have been too obsession in this game.

Interesting in this game is I learn be patient, be listen human being. A lot of human being bad and good things all learn from here. Of course, I know how to pick a good lesson to read and understand.

Yesterday, I have been post a note at here and was a warning on certain stock may have some bad move at this point of time. Lucky I was correct made such prediction and indirect help me not involve those particular stock.

Today my favourite stock are PA and Ranhill. KLSE market seems like rejected those heavy trading stock at this moment of time. So, i have been change my direction to pick 2nd page volume stock to play.

Hard Praying again at here. I would not too obsession. Otherwise, pocket will empty again.

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