Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trust the data

As an investor of share market, you are must trusted the data in front of you. Like yesteday, US DJ had been broke 7,900 again. This data told me, the heavy adjustment about 20% from this level soon be happen in the market. This is 3 times in one month time broke 8,000 points.

Let previous i was mentioned at here, if one counter broke the heavy resistance, The shares price can hit up about 20%. This is also suitable for down turn analysis.

I was used this strategy in this 10 years, it had help me escaped from every crisis in this 10 years. I am here given my opinion to reader. Please do not 100% trust me, but please trust the data collected by yourself. It could help you more.

Another example is UEMland, it was hit below 74.5 cents. Please stay away from this counter.

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