Monday, February 23, 2009

A lazy Day

Today is my off day, actually i should not care about the market. But honestly I can't totally ignore the market news. After reading some news, I found that everybody viewed positive because of Citigroup in USA will accept USA government as 40% stake offer and be a major shareholders in this bank. This news had given a support to Asia market especially to the HK's market.

Actually i am always in doubt to one special news can help the market sentiment will change. In my mind and experience, Equity Market will change direction mainly support by few good/bad news join up together. So, one special news may always bring a bad impact to market because it wouldn't last long.

Refer back my trading history record After Chinese new year till today, I had lose about RM6,364.47 and gain about RM3,148.96. Total number of trading are 13 counter. Won 7 counter lose 6 counter. Why the losess is higher than gainer? Because I am always run a minimum profit and cut at maximum loss. Furthermore the cost of trading is expensive brought my profit become thiny.

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