Friday, February 20, 2009

DJ did not perform as good as I was predicted

Surprising in this morning after confirmed that US DJ hit six years below. America Express and General Electric hit down about 7% to 8%, brought impact/pressure to DJ and finally closed at low.This news spoilt my confident buy in anymore in market. So, today cut all the counter in hand and accumulated big loss. Since last year Aug, I have been escape out from the financial crisis but this round I cant' escape.

Although my loses is around 1 or 2 cents but due to the bought in by big volume. The losses is big, that is about 3k plus. I am prefer cut lose and waits for 4 days. Because of: -

a) Future index range had registered the big gap, It was moved it in between 28 points (Up and Down range)
b) Second line counter did not given anymore profit at last 2 days.

Usually the above history data happen in the market at 4 days, there is a bad signal. Market adjustment seems like going to hit contra player out in the coming 4 days. If after next few days, it allows strong holder to maintain their price. Market will have a small rally again, otherwise it will hit as low as it can.

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PRZ said...

at the market flactuate like aircrash, any analys is useless... any way.. your stand very clear... dare to say the truth... thanks... i always refer to your blog