Monday, November 17, 2008

Wrong Prediction

Market index did not adjusted heavily as my prediction per last Saturday. But last few days that high volume stock has been registered at off low closed, i.e. KNM, MRCB, Scomi and LionInd. So, if you are a trader on those stocks. Will it be face sell force continue on next day? If referring to my own dedicated support level, I would say it could be continue searching the new support level. That is mean that the above said stock still can not given you any profit if you are done the purchase on today.

Index support by blue chip due to abroad countries’ equity market did not given any direction to follow. But, it automatically accumulated more bad factors together. If any bad news through inside the market. It will be heavily impact market to search another lower support because currently entire world equity markets actually standing at teeter base.

I am still insisting hold the “short” position on future index of KLSE, unless more realistic data given me a signal, market has a support level. Otherwise, I would only close the contract if the said contract expired on last day of November or done at 830 points in the coming trading day.


Ivan said...


Dont be too sad la. .
Fail one time doesnt mean you fail forever...

learn how to cut lost is one of the risk manaagement technique as well //

anyhow, i agree with your point. mkt now have more -ve news , whereby it can make the market fall down from day to day.. .

waiting to get a cheap baby to have short term trading :D


Ivan said...

I am sure u will be happy for this coming 2 days :D