Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tomorrow i will take Profit

After analyst today market trend, I found that few index link counter did not give up the support level. It were brought my "Short" position sat on the dangerous level. So, I have decide tomorrow close the deal to enjoy the profit or minimise the lose.

Let me analyst some data for you are understand why I need to do that: -

a) Yesterday and today, I found that Gamuda hit 1.68 per share but did not broke this level. Especially this morning touch one time at 1.68 during market index touched lower. Afternoon hit another time again at 1.68 but also never broke this level although during that time was index lower than morning session plus had another more bad news from oversea market, that was all closed off low.

b) MRCB touch 70 and bound back to 72 cents at market closed.
c) Scomi also hit back to 40.5 cents at market closed.
d) IOI did not search any lower support at entire transaction, although palm oil future traded at lower.

Based on the above, I am assume that market soon be recover. So, any short position on KLSE index would taken a high risk. I am always rely on "in hand data" to decide the next move. This time I also apply the same theory.

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Ivan said...

Seem hard to trade or follow ur teori wo . .

u need to capture all the data and understand the market. . .

if someone is far away from market during the time, how he/she can predict the next move?