Friday, November 7, 2008

Another Good Day

This morning at 11am received a new assignment again. Ask to buy in MRCB and Scomi again. After i study the trend on KLSE index. I am agree to accept this assignment but only start buying at 3pm.

The target price for MRCB is 96 cents and scomi is 50 cents at next week before due day. KLSE index move today due to Wednesday jump up open at 915 points, there is a gap between 905 and 915 points. It was still not cover yet.

But this morning open low at 880 points, there is also a gap at 880 to 895 but evening sucessful covered up.

Next week is a good time for KLSE cover back the gap at 905 points to 915 points. Based on this move, there is a good opportunity to earn some money. MRCB to day break the first resistance level, it was 79 cents and closed at 82.5 cents.

My prediction MRCB still can further move until 98 cents but in order to enjoy the profit. Will take profit at 96 cents.

Hope you are good luck at Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Ivan said...

Hi, base on my newbie with TA, I think MRCB & Tebrau can have potential upside by next week.

I am outside of the market now.

good luck