Saturday, November 22, 2008

DJ up 494 points

DJ up 494 points could help Tokyo Nikkie and HK Hang Seng surge in the coming Monday. But how far it can be go? Malaysia market index at this week had broke the support of 860 points but successful covered back at above 860. How far it can go?

I noted that about 11.30am, the penny stock had a small rally from the day low. But How many people can earn money from that?

If you are asking me what is my opinion on coming next week on KLSE index.?I would still remain my last 2 day strategy. Sell Dec future and ignore buying any stock from equity market. Because i still insist that after broke 859 points, market should search another confiden support level to build up another small rally.

KLSE market must provide me more data to allow me change my above opinion. Otherwise, I will continue sell future index at this level.

I do not like to guess the daily move because i do not wants to take over GOD's task and his duty.

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Ivan said...

Asia market will be open green toward Monday, but I dont think that is good idea to enter the mark et . . .

time to wait and get some bargain hunting after nov, shall be great. .

let us wait. . .