Saturday, November 15, 2008

Market Heavy Adjustment (Monday)

I am here predict equity market heavy adjustment in the coming Monday. Because of: -

a) Heavy Force Selling on Penny stock.
b) DJ plunge 338 points due to retail sales drop
c) Indonesia currency control

The G20 meeting today would not give any good incentive to our country. That is mainly to restructure the related countries adjust the financial system in order to minimise the risk expand to hit again to teetering others industrial.

THE ABOVE MEETING DOES NOT GIVE Malaysia equity market gain any advantages. oOf course, our financial system did not applied any bad system as USA, but our currency registered weak and less demand in this period due to commodities market been hit as low as we wouldn't expected. Hence, the currency drop heavily against with US Dollar indirectly brought our overseas' debts increased substantially. So, Good slowly turn into Bad.

The above 3 reasons join up as "Bad Factor" would bring Monday or followings week equity market challenge lower points of KLSE index.

As Thursday build up the "short position" on KLSE index future. Maybe could bring me a good profit margin. Although yesterday I was compulsory paid extra money/deposit to top up and maintain the said margin.

Is it a good day for me and bad day for equity market holders/investors.?The answer will out soon in the coming 48 hours from now. Please remember, "how low on equity market should not be a big problem but preparing in advance to face economic depression/recession is your main task in the coming season/year."

Monitor the pulse of economic closely give you an advantages to face any major changes in yours life. Good luck and Good weekend!


Nicholas Chay said...

There are many measures being drawn and announced, and subsequently executed.

Perhaps the world will react positively on Monday and then succumb to fears again later in the week/

Ivan said...

I am just learn how to use TA.
Base on my analysis, I think KLCI can support at 860 , then 840 .

Let us see whether tomorrow will KLCI breakdwon 860 or not :D

By the way, I have no position in market.