Friday, November 14, 2008

My Decision, My Character

While people read my blog, some time they were in doubt. How and where I had obtained the guide to decide on my buying or selling.

Actually my decision on such is not important for others people because that said decision has been attached with my style. It would not suitable for others. Investors should choose an own style to build up the own investment portfolio.

Some people would like to enjoy dividend, some people would like to enjoy capital gain. Some people would like to buy in volume and some people would like to enjoy more than 10% gain per shares by limited volume.

Difference style and character on individually were affected a person apply differ way/method to handler on his own investment.

I am glad reader continues support my article but please do not try to apply the same method as me. Because every decision I was made actually has been refer/study or has been joined up a lot of issue/reasons. During the period, if any major changes happen on every issue, it would bring me take immediate action change the direction of investment.

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Ivan said...

:D This shall be a good article.

Diff people diff risk acception. :D

Your trading strategy is unique.. I am still try to learn from your experience :D