Monday, November 10, 2008

Good move on KLSE

As per predicted as Saturday. MRCB and SCOMI given a good profit on today. But I am still highly recommend this 2 stocks for short term play.

But, in order to enjoy your maximum profit, please take profit at index point touch 935. I believed this up move was disappointed a lot of investors who could not bought at 800 points. But equity market is always bring such surprised and disappointed together. If you still continue sitting there to understand it, the golden opportunity will go soon.

By the way, please do not apply one factor to understand the market up or down. Market move up or down depend on various factor. If you the move up or down is long period, maily due to all good or bad factors have been join up together in one period of time.

Due to that, I predict this move will end up about one week time. Please careful to select the share which can give you easy to realise the profit or minimise your risk.

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