Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My prediction is wrong ?

Actually, my prediction on today KLSE move is "wrong or accurate" is not so important. Investors should care on his own investment which could be gave/brought him more gain, instead of spend more effort/ focus on other people view.

I am appreciated it they could spend such golden time to visit me and further give me some advice. I only wish my article did not block/spoilt you intelligent brain after you're read my little wild point of view from my blog. I am really in doubt and wondering. If they are a famous/good analyst,Why so particular on my wild opinion?

I am not "Najib" or "Warrent Buffet", my little opinion definite can not influent, instruct or manipulate on the daily trend of equity market. Honestly, i do not have any super magic.

However , every one holds a difference way of approaching on his own investment. Like yesterday, a guy name GUEST purposely point out my prediction is wrong/nonsense Subsequently brought any blogger name KHOO88 join in protect me and help me fired back MR Guest.

In fact, I really do not wants to care about it. Because, the most important was, today i has been help my friend realised the profit. Every time, while I wrote a note at here about an activities in the investment. I am strictly follow and honor it.

I am greedy. So, argument by way of keep on criticize some one does not give me earn any income. So, normally i will refuse to do it. Usually i will prefer stay away and watching the show. Ha ha

For these incident, cause me remember during and after Lehman Brothers' case. That period I had never involved any investment planning, because I always believed while 2 elephant start fighting, small rat like me should stand far away from them.

Until last Wednesday, I had only started a new investment. By the way, these assignment is over at today 5pm and after that I was received my hard earn fees. Now, I would be do the same action like August 08. Became as a rat again and hide inside my home "sleep again".

Wait ! Wait again! Wait again!

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