Thursday, November 20, 2008

Malaysia Market Bad Performing

Why this morning I was decided cut loss, because of:-
a) Gamuda hit down below 1.55 at this morning. Although there were a rebound during transaction but technically broke had been shown this stock up trend move become negative.
b) IOI broke 3.00 at opening
c) PBBank and PBBank-01 shown weak.
d) Zelan seeking the first support at 80cents.
e) Yesterday good effects in the market had changed.
And the main reason is, I must control the loss not more than 25 points per contract. This is my own rule and guidance. Similar system I had been applied on equity market, I am always set the loss margin for below RM1 shares should not more than 3 cents. I am strictly follow this guide to minimise the loss.
In my opinion, current status on equity market are: -
a) Although DJ rebound on tonight but Malaysia equity market could not follow because in the currency market USDollar against RM strong. It will give another reason for blue chip stock make another adjustment.
b) Oil Palm and Crude oil price would drop further because of recession fear.
Refer this week transaction done by me, you are should awared that I was make the correct decision on last weekend but lost the patient of wait.
This is an another good lesson in my life of investments. I hereby wish I would not repeat this mistake again in the future.

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Ivan said...


Mean u cut loss from short to long, then u cut loss again . ..

hope u learn from mistake. . .

anyhow, if DJIA huge down antoher 300 pts today . .. 860 cannot suppoort . .. 840 shall be ok :D