Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Circuit City Bankrupt at USA"

This news from USA, a retail electrical shop has been file bankruptcy note at High Court. This news hit the DJ closed at negative on Monday. It was brought this morning whole Asia Pacific Shares market plunge.

Malaysia equity market also follow the down move step, in between there is a good move for KLSE's penny stock registered positive but finally seller won at last hour. The 2nd shift price and index registered lower than 1st shift. It totally spoilt the index could achieved higher than recently record of 915 points.

After study the today trend, I am note that although market was closed at negative but the up trend based/ground still haven't destroy yet by today adjustment. So, I am classify the impact from selling force on today mainly due to lack of confident in the future.

The recent economic data all shown negative plus surrounding rumous bring you more fears. On the same time, daily bad news are appearing in front of you become realistic, seems like it could also happen on you in the next coming day. Hence, a little bit bad news easy hit down the up trend.

I am still positive view on the equity market for this week performance, but the profit will minimise when compared with last week. But careful on the traded volume per day, if it has reduce substantially, please cut lose and run.

No stock recommended and advise to "select those stock standing at the middle on the volume page may help to minimise the risk".

However, I would prefer quit from equity market today in the morning and buy in KLSE index future at status of " Long". Good luck!!!!!

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