Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Future Market

Future market closed at premium when compared with spot market. There are 2 reasons: -

a) Roll over by long player for November contract to Dec contract.
b) Assume that overall oversea market soon recover.

The above situation had happen normal in the past 3 months. Everytime a new bailout proposed by one country, equity market seem like going to move back uptrend. But, actual result always disappointed.

I had several time mentioned at here, one factor does not help the equity market soon change the current direction. Equity market change the direction have to support by few factors join up together. The proposal only help market go back to middle of the road or overhaul the economic engine to "restart" again.


erik said...

Agree. I would be short the FKLI tomorrow if market open at the higher price.

Ivan said...

really good?
ok ..time to short the ci. .
but for me. . time to wait a good baby to play play. . .

cheers it man . . .
djia adi run high for the pass 3 days. .shall came back ahead weekend. . .but once this time kiss level 7k, surely kaput liao.. . .any idea?