Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Closed "Short" at KLSE Index Future

Today i was succeed closed the deal with little gain. The cruelty game make investors panic in trading. That is not easy to closed it at today because the heavy adjustment had only happen in the 4.30pm for KLSE index future.

In my opinion, all penny stocks could not delivered any profit and stability cause our market lose the 880 points. But is that a good reason for index follow the step? A lot of investors plans to hit down the future at last minute because they assume USA market tonight would hit down/slump again. The excuse based on Future DJ currently hit low as 120 points.

Actually, my strategy in this afternoon was buy "long" for Dec future contract. I had been done at 867 and 865 points.

But, I had plan if the DEC future hit below 854 points. I will immediately cut lose. My reasons are:-
a) No any bad news in the market
b) KLSE would not 100% follow the trend of USA DJ.
c) Hong Kong market would not seeking lower support at this morning
d) China market rebound strong at this morning.
e) Pemodalan Nasional Berhad will close book for financial year ended for this month.
f) Gamuda never break the 1.55 after breaking the 1st support of 1.74 and 2nd support of 1.68.

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