Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Monday at EURO

Usually while market slump at Monday, we are classify it as Black Monday. But today UK FTSE 100 at 2.30pm soar about 7.69% or 290 points. It was brought the entire Euro equity market outstanding performance.

After US DJ open, the good news delivered from MSN.COM: -
"Stocks rise again after the US government steps in to save the troubled bank. A report on existing-home sales is better than expected. President-elect Obama announces plans for a huge economic stimulus package. Democrats leave it up to the Big 3 automakers to come up with a bailout plan; GM reportedly considers bankruptcy."

Other media like CNBC also detailed the" bailout of government's plan" about the rescue of Citigroup. It was a good news to Financial Institution Sector. Highlighted US Government would not allow any big bank step into bankruptcy. Hence, after 45 minutes of trading, the DJ shut up about 3.87% or 311 points.

By the way, there is another surprising news. Gold price hit USD822. There is a funny move because normally while market up, gold price will not follow. Why this time so funny?

Latest news
Russia closed at up 7.74%.

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Ivan said...

yalo . ..
why this time so funny de?
any reason? waiting a explanatin to digest my ?? :D