Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What is my feeling after KLSE Market index Reach 1001 points

Today, KLSE market hit as low as 1001 points. My posted innit prediction at last week has been realised. If you ask my feeling now, I could say I am feel sadness rather than happiness.

Why? The shares market games are really hard. I am always hope and wish I would wrong projection in advance. Because if I am wrong the worst thing is me would received a fire/scold by people. It should not bring any bad impact/changes on people’s wealth. People still rich and harmony.

On Monday night, while I was sited in front of Internet watching the DJ30 index heavily adjustment. My bad feeling surrounding me until I must informed MSN friend I could not stand in front of Internet and forced myself must sleep early to purposely avoid this bad news impact.

That night, my previous experience back and disturbing me in the whole night. I am totally aware felling of people who still holding a lot of position in the equities market. I really cannot stand on it although I am aware this adjustment coming soon and personally has been cleaned up all my position in last month.

Therefore, although I am so sharp noted the figure on KLSE Index but in my heart really bad feeling now.


古小玉 said...
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古小玉 said...

Well, it depends on how u look at it, I know there are ppl out there waiting for such a good oppurtunity to buy 'cheap' share, so there is an oppurtunity in every crisis

Phil said...

Hi I have added you to my blog list. Can you pls link me back, tq.

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