Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lehman Brothers bankrupt brings advantages to USA

Today, I am referring all my articles wrote at Shares Investment Blog. I found that I was done the right move and escape from yesterday crisis. So, the understanding the game rules in shares investment is very important. I am always believed if certain things/factors you are not understand was appearing or happen in the market. You must quickly stay away. After giving some appreciation to myself, let us come back to today topic.
Lehman Brothers hit the market heavily adjustment mainly due to USA government refused to give any assistant/support. The high expectation from whole world burst and felt disappointed. Finally, on 16 of September it was successful created a “bomb” in the financial market.

Before the declaration the application of Bankruptcy. The higher level of Wall Street have a meeting each other in Government Office. Lets here to make some assumption on the said meeting.
The decision-maker after analyst the outstanding loan and doubtful loan in Lehman Brothers’ Book, they found that: -

A) Top 30 loans holder is Asian companies, Asia Financial institution and Asia Central government.
B) Euro and USA company involving only 20% for doubtful loan.
C) Rescue Bankruptcy Company against the game rule.
D) The issue may impact the President Election campaign.
E) Other financial loans may face downgrade again if absorbing the said loan.
F) The funds saving for other financial institution.

Based the above factors, they also concluded if allow Lehman Brothers Bankrupt. Entire world will help USA settled the doubtful debt by way of written off. Finally brings USD stronger and USA population less burden. It is better than giving further tax incentive or others assistant.

Hence, this financial Tsunami, I am here concluded, “A Good Show has been done by USA”.

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