Friday, September 19, 2008

DJ Up 410 points !!!!!!

DJ market yesterday night up about 410 points. Is it a signal crisis is over? Now, I predict the Whole world Funds Manager already start to rescue thier own home town. Hence, USD become stronger as well as Asian Pacific will be more suffering the impact on inflation. it will spoilt the economic base.

Furthermore, is it a crisis over or not. Also need to read again all economic data from USA. In Malaysia, tough is today market must hit above 1005 points only can giving you some profit. Of course a lot of people will say there already do some buying on yesterday. Today can enjoy the profit, but I also believed they has been tried several times to enjoy these litter profit. Would you wants be same as them?
The sentiment of market still weak, and tonight I predict DJ will coming down again. The reasons are : -
A) Today up points did not cover Wednesday down points (410 against 440)
B) USA already hit as low as 10,600 points
C) The crisis should be recover from bottom(Original economic Fundamental) instead of using Government Force to rescue.

Wish You are Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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