Friday, September 19, 2008


Usually a lot of people think there are very smart to observe. They are trying to focus in advance during the impact of “Tsunami”. This dilemma still hanging around time, they can use imagination to identify something were happen. So, maybe they are better than radar or computer.

I think I am stupid. So, every time while the Tsunami still hanging around. I am still observing but finally only I am alone to aware the “Balance” after over the dilemma.

My theory of investment, “strong observing of environment is necessary and priority. Because every data and current situation happen, It can be change the sentiment of investors. On the same time directly changing the fundamental of economic.”

During the impact of Tsunami, if you could tell me you obtained some data, this is bullshit and not realistic. I am 100% not believed.

As a responsible man, provide the data to people must be accurate and has a supporting ground. Otherwise, it may bring people lost of wealth and health.

So, today is first day of Financial Tsunami left from equities market. Please read carefully in hand data before any further decision. A lot of data still need to collect and analyst. Fast decision may bring you another bad impact.

Lady and Gentlement ! Please be careful.

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