Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Time Stay away

In overview KLSE market, actually i do not want to repeat and repeat again. The market is very bad. The bottom i could not know yet. So, actually nothing to tell you are.

This few days busy to write a story by chinese. The chinese blog consist of all my experience in shares investment.

Btw, since i am standing here. Definitely should guide you are a bit " Why i never invest in share market now" This is because: -

a) When i do not know the actual situation
b) When i waiting something bad arise
c) The data in hand all shown negative
d) Something i am not understand, still looking answer

The data in hand is the USA, the bad thing is "not only a hole need them to cover up". There happen a eartquake in the equity market and the financial institution but nobody admitted.

So, The worst synerio will come anytime. Everybody good luck, "I hope my prediction is 100% wrong"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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