Friday, September 26, 2008

Media’s Financial News - My way To Survive

As an investor, the simple way to obtain the latest related news about you investment is from newspaper financial analyst. A lot of super hero, usually we named them as “Professional” also has special forum to identify or introduce their skills or investment strategy to public.

The professional always emphasis the investment should avoid those non- profit company. They further added the earning plus positive tangible assets in the company could reduce your worries. Eventually, the share price will reflect their fair value of the said company.

I am 100% respect such Professional man, because in the past 30 years their investment portfolio was proved it. Like Warrant Buffet, in his history of investment, he did it.

Therefore, if you and me want to be a success investor, I think in the coming 30 years, we should fulfil the following conditions: -

a) Coming 30 years we would not died or having heavy illness.
b) We must guarantee in our list of investments portfolio, that is no one company would face bankruptcy.
c) We must insist the said investment’s funds maintain.
d) We must reinvest our dividend.

Friendly speaking, such hard conditions I personally 100% can not fulfil and maybe God also restricted me to fulfil. In Malaysia, Media always promote certain company news for individual investor to refer. The data or information always left out one important issue, there is “Time Consuming”.

I am appreciated the reporter and “professional” always provided me financial data. But after the crisis happen in year 2007, I would not follow their strategy as well as never trust the projected target price reporting in the media.

I am using such data and information to recalculate and analyst my own investment. Hence, every crisis before happened. I was away from that.

Maybe I am lucky. But this is the only way I can survive in the shares investment market.

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